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Urgent care visits

Urgent Care Visits: The Perfect Combination of Convenience and Quality Care.

A non-life-threatening illness or injury can strike unexpectedly and require prompt attention. Urgent care facilities at Family Medicine, NYC, offer patients a remarkable balance of convenience and quality medical care for timely and effective relief. 

In this blog, we'll describe how urgent care clinical facilities provide an effective alternative for medical requirements to patients who cannot wait for a regular doctor's appointment. Also, we mention a few important instructions to follow before urgent care visits for treatment. 

How can urgent care visits offer both convenience and quality?

Prompt Attention:

It can be uncomfortable and frustrating for patients to wait for many days to see a primary care physician when you or a loved one becomes unwell. On the other hand, during your urgent care visit at Family Medicine NYC, doctors will provide immediate attention and assist you with the utmost care. 

Our urgent care facility offers extended hours, including evenings and weekends, so patients can easily access reliable and immediate medical care even when their primary care physician is unavailable. Because of this urgent care facility, patients can receive timely treatment for all non-life-threatening diseases to overcome unnecessary pain and potential complications.

Walk-in appointments:

The flexibility of walk-in appointments at our urgent care is one of its best advantages. Usually, primary care physicians have limited availability or long waiting lists, but our urgent care doctors attend to patients as soon as they arrive. Our facility allows patients to obtain timely care and help to avoid scheduling unnecessary appointments in advance.

Our experts are prepared to quickly address various non-emergency concerns, whether you're experiencing illnesses like Covid like symptoms, UTI, URI,  flu and cold, Strep & Mono,  or need confirmation regarding pregnancy. 

Highly qualified doctors:

 Our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have expertise in how to treat urgent non-life-threatening medical issues. These experts have received extensive training in accurately diagnosing and effectively managing a variety of common illnesses.

You’ll not only get urgent treatment with drug prescriptions but will also get the facility of diagnostic procedures like Urinalysis (quick dipstick to diagnose) UTI and urine pregnancy testing, and even transfer your case to specialists if required. At our urgent care facility, experienced healthcare workers are available round the clock to have timely and needful treatment with exceptional services. 

Cost-effective care:

Sometimes receiving medical care can burn a hole in your pockets, especially if you need to visit an emergency room. However, a visit to our urgent care facility is often less expensive than an emergency room, making it a more cost-effective choice

Insurance policies are frequently accepted in our urgent care facility, significantly reducing patient costs. If you don't have comprehensive health insurance or want to keep your medical expenses to a minimum, we can provide a more affordable option for non-emergencies.  

General instructions to follow before visiting an urgent care facility:

Know the urgency of the situation:

Determine if your condition can wait for a regular appointment with your primary care physician or if it requires immediate medical attention. Our urgent care facility aims to provide quick and efficient medical care to handle non-life-threatening conditions, so you must be well aware of your situation if it's non-serious or requires a visit to an emergency room.

Call before your visit:

It would be more convenient to contact the urgent care team before your visit. By doing this, you can enquire about services, operating hours, and any specific instructions you may need to follow.

Bring necessary documentation:

To speed up the check-in procedure, you are required to bring the following documents:

  • a valid photo ID.

  • insurance cards.

  • You must bring all the records if you have any existing medical conditions or allergies. Moreover, keep your previous medical records or reports from primary care physicians with you.

  • If you are on some specific medication, bring your medicine with you.

Confirm Payment Method:

Confirming payment methods is another important thing to do. However, we accept insurance, credit cards, or cash. You can also inquire about our payment policies.


Visits to urgent care facilities are increasingly popular nowadays. Here, patients who seek instant relief for non-life-threatening conditions can receive convenient and quality treatment at a reasonable cost. These facilities work extended hours, often operating past standard clinic hours, and some even offer 24/7 services.

Moreover, they fill the gap between primary care physicians and emergency rooms and guarantee that patients receive immediate assistance without long waits or high expenses.

So, the next time you require immediate medical attention, consider attending Family Medicine NYC for convenience and quality care. Our advanced urgent care facility is equipped with state-of-art diagnostic tools and a laboratory. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors and health workers are ready to deliver the best possible care to you or your loved ones.

You can call and consult with an expert regarding any query before your visit.