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Allergy Testing Services in NYC for Personalized Wellness

Allergy testing is crucial for identifying allergens that trigger allergic reactions, such as itching, sneezing, hives, nasal congestion, breathing issues, or digestive problems.

At Family Medicine NYC, our dedicated team recognizes the impact of allergies on daily life. We offer comprehensive Allergy Testing Services to pinpoint environmental and dietary allergies. Trust our experienced healthcare professionals for accurate and reliable allergy testing to ensure your well-being and comfort.

  • Skin Testing for Environmental Allergies –Environmental allergies, such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold, can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including sneezing, itching, nasal congestion, and respiratory issues. Our clinical facility offers skin testing for 72 environmental allergens, a highly effective and widely recognized method for diagnosing environmental allergies.
    During a skin test, small amounts of allergens are applied to the surface of your skin through gentle pricks. Our trained specialists will carefully monitor your skin’s reaction to identify specific allergens that may be triggering your symptoms. These findings are important in developing a treatment plan customized to your needs.
  • Blood Testing for Food Allergies-Food allergies are a major issue that affects both children and adults. Identifying individual food allergies might be difficult because symptoms vary, and reactions range from mild to severe.
    At Family Medicine NYC, we provide blood testing for food allergies to properly identify an individual’s immunological response to various foods. Our blood tests look for specific antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE) that are created in response to food allergens.This comprehensive approach allows us to identify food triggers and develop a customized management plan, including dietary recommendations and avoidance strategies, to help you effectively manage your food allergies.

If you think you have environmental or dietary allergies. Make an appointment with Family Medicine NYC now for Allergy Testing Services. Our professional team is committed to assisting you in living a life free of the constraints and discomforts associated with allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin testing is a common method for diagnosing environmental allergies. Small amounts of allergens are applied to your skin through gentle pricks or injections. We observe your skin’s reaction to identify specific allergens causing your symptoms, guiding personalized treatment plans.

Blood testing examines a sample to measure immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels in response to food allergens. We identify food triggers, offering dietary advice and avoidance tactics for proper food allergy management.

Skin testing involves minimal discomfort, described as a mild prick or sting. Blood testing includes a simple blood draw, causing temporary discomfort or a slight pinch. Our experts prioritize your comfort during testing.

Skin testing results are often available within 15-20 minutes, while blood testing results may take a few days as they’re evaluated in a lab setting. Our experts will inform you of the expected timeline during your appointment.

Our healthcare professionals review and interpret your results thoroughly. Based on findings, they create a personalized treatment plan, including medication, lifestyle adjustments, and allergy avoidance strategies. We provide ongoing support throughout the management process.

Note: The Medical Spa Services (including Botox, Juvederm, Vitamin Injections), Weight Loss Program (including Semaglutide from the compounding pharmacy), and Functional Medicine offered by Family Medicine NYC are all out-of-pocket services. Insurance claims will not be eligible for reimbursement for these services.