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If you need to talk to a doctor but can’t make it into the office, telemedicine is an excellent way to get the health care you need. Eva Galstian, MD, Virali Patel, PA, and her team at Family Medicine NYC, PC in the Financial District of New York City, New York, offer telemedicine services for patients in and around the city. Whatever your reason for not coming into the office, the team can help. Call Family Medicine NYC, PC, or schedule a telemedicine appointment online today.

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of providing health care through a secure video conferencing service. Instead of coming into the Family Medicine NYC, PC office, you log on to the video conference from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you have a private office or space, you can attend telemedicine appointments at work or other locations. 

The team at Family Medicine NYC, PC is committed to providing outstanding health care and protecting the health and safety of their patients. Telemedicine expands their ability to offer customized and compassionate health care to the community.

What services are available through telemedicine?

Family Medicine NYC, PC provides a wide range of health care services via telemedicine, including:

Sick visits

If you or a family member aren’t feeling well, instead of coming into the office, you can meet with a health care provider through a video conference. While reviewing your medical history and symptoms, your provider can visually assess your health and look for signs to confirm your diagnosis. They can call prescriptions into your local pharmacy if necessary, and you don’t have to spend time in a waiting room while you’re feeling sick.

Medicine follow up

When you take prescription medicine, you need to check in with your provider occasionally so they can make sure the medication works correctly. At Family Medicine NYC, PC, you can have these brief visits via telemedicine. Your provider can ask questions about your symptoms and overall health while also looking for any signs that the medicine is or isn’t working through the video conference. Whether you need a refill for your birth control, blood pressure medication, or synthetic thyroid drugs, the team can help with telemedicine appointments. 

Gynecology and urology

The team at Family Medicine NYC, PC can provide consultations for gynecology and urology services via telehealth. You can explain your concerns and symptoms, whether you think you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), STD, or need help with menopause management. The team can provide just about any service that doesn’t require a physical exam via telemedicine. If they think you need an in-person appointment or additional testing like a Pap smear, STD test, or blood and urine testing, your provider can provide customized advice for follow-up care. 

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine provides convenient access to health care. You can schedule your appointments whenever you have free time and a private room. You don’t need to spend money on transportation or worry about taking time off work. If you’re a primary caregiver for children or an elderly family member, you don’t need to arrange child or elder care. 

If you need prompt medical care and want to use telemedicine services, call Family Medicine NYC, PC or schedule your appointment online today.