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The consequences of contracting a sexually transmitted disease can be dire: if left untreated, they can lead to infertility. What’s worse, some of them don’t have any symptoms. Eva Galstian, MD, Virali Patel, PA, and the team at Family Medicine NYC, PC in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City, can help. The practice offers advanced STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing to help you take care of your sexual wellness and reproductive health. STD testing is an integral part of your preventive care. If you have concerns about your reproductive health or you’re due for a checkup, call or request an appointment online to visit Family Medicine NYC, PC.


What is an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are ailments that are usually contracted through sexual activity without proper protection. However, some STDs, such as hepatitis, can be transmitted through blood.

The team at Family Medicine NYC, PC discuss different methods to protect you against an STD and offers STD testing. The earlier an STD is detected, the lower your chances of developing complications. If you’re sexually active with multiple partners, it’s important you get tested for STDs regularly.

During your consultation, the practice devises an individualized treatment plan and helps you decide the best forms of testing.

What are some of the most common STDs?

There are many common STDs, including.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection of the genital tract that can also grow in the eyes, mouth, anus, and throat.


Chlamydia is a genital tract bacterial infection.


Trichomoniasis is a fairly common STD caused by a microscopic single-celled parasite. This parasite usually infects the urinary tract or vagina.


HIV is a viral infection that can destroy the immune system over time.

Other common STDs are genital herpes, genital warts, and hepatitis – viral infections that affect the liver.

What are the different types of STD testing?

A variety of STD testing methods are available, including:

  • Swabs
  • Urine samples
  • Biopsies
  • Blood tests
  • Visual exam 

Some STD tests can be taken at home, but professional testing is the most accurate and reliable method of testing that gives you the support and expertise of a medical specialist with knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases. Family Medicine NYC, PC provides convenient blood work in-office and, if requested, can send your blood sample to a lab.

What are the benefits of STD testing?

STD testing offers many benefits as part of your preventive care. STD testing can help you protect and take care of your reproductive and general health. Also, some sexually transmitted diseases don’t show any symptoms and an STD test is the only way to detect them. If left untreated, some STDs can cause infertility and other health complications.

STD testing is efficient and safe and can be performed conveniently and quickly in-office. Dr. Galstian and the team at Family Medicine NYC, PC in New York City offers comprehensive STD testing to detect a range of conditions. For more information on STD testing and to book your test, call or schedule online today.